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We booked meetings with:

We booked meetings with:

How [ it works ]

1 week

Discovery and Setup

  • Strategy Session
  • Developing a customized strategy
  • Tech set up of an outreach system
2 week

Audience Profiling and Data Collection

  • Segmenting target audience profiles
  • Contact data research utilizing various sources and tools
  • Data validation and cleanup
3 week

Campaign Set up and Launch

  • Developing messaging with irresistible an offer
  • Copywriting of sequences
  • Campaign Launch
4 week

Lead Nurturing and Follow-ups

  • Implement lead nurturing strategies to engage and build relationships with generated leads
  • Regular reports and syncs
  • Follow-up sequences
5 week

Optimization and Fine-tuning

  • Monitoring and optimization
  • A/B testing to improve messaging, targeting, and overall campaign effectiveness
  • Refining the lead qualification process
6 week

Ongoing Reporting and Support

  • Regular reports and syncs
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Recommendations on sales process

Hear what [ our clients ] say about us

Hear what
[ our clients ]
say about us

Look at [ our results ]

Look at
[ our results ]


When we joined forces with Imabys (Influencer Marketing Agency), they were struggling to generate consistent leads. Through our tailored strategies and in-depth market research, we transformed their lead generation efforts. Within a single month, they not only witnessed an impressive influx of leads but also successfully closed high-value contracts worth $50,000 each.


OnHires, a prominent tech-recruitment agency, faced the challenge of maintaining a steady flow of leads especially during the traditionally slow summer months. By partnering with us, they not only navigated this hurdle but also ventured into untapped markets with confidence. Through targeted strategies and expert lead generation, we enabled OnHires to build a predictable leads funnel that defied seasonal trends.

[ About us ]

Our mission is simple: we deliver qualified sales opportunities, freeing you to concentrate on what you excel at. No need to create an additional company within your main organization – leave it to the professionals.
Bohdan Shtylyk
Founder of Leadowski

Bohdan Shtylyk
Maksym Sydorenko
SDR Lead
Maryna Kostina
Research Lead

[ FAQ ]

Who is this service for?

Our services are tailored for B2B service and product companies with existing marketing validation and a clear understanding of their ideal customer profile.

How do we qualify leads?

We work closely with you to understand your ideal customer profile, ensuring that the leads we deliver match your criteria. Through careful analysis and tailored strategies, we ensure that the leads have genuine interest and alignment with your offerings, increasing the likelihood of meaningful conversions.

What input is required from your side?

To optimize results, we work closely together with your team, needing insights into your audience, value propositions, and lead preferences for alignment. Additionally, we will request your marketing materials, especially case studies and presentations to be used in communication with prospects.

When can we expect the first leads?

In most cases, the setup process and initial warm-up span around 3 weeks before we start getting the first positive replies and booked meetings.

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